★ ★ Tom Terminella ★ ★

The youngest of eight children, Tom Terminella has called Fayetteville home since 1970 when his family relocated for his father’s job with Tyson Foods. When Tom was eleven years old, his father died, which led to Tom growing up quickly to help support his family. 

Tom developed his hard work ethic at an early age by washing cars after school so he could buy a bike to get to and from school. After graduating from Fayetteville High School in 1985, Tom quickly found his passion in real estate. 

Positive Economic Growth

Positive economic growth will provide opportunities for every citizen of Fayetteville to grow and develop to the best of his or her ability.

Support Law Enforcement

Our Law Enforcement community deserves our respect and support. On Day One as Mayor I will ensure that the new police station breaks ground and we provide our Officers the resources and support they need.

Responsible Leadership

The people of Fayetteville deserve leadership who listens to their voices, responds to their concerns, and provides opportunities for them to thrive.

Improved Infrastructure

We need leadership that understands the infrastructure needed to encourage positive growth and financial success.